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Simply Straight Hair Brush launches on Ideal World!


Ideal World is excited to introduce Simply Straight, the amazing new straightening brush which is going to revolutionise the way you style your hair! Simply Straight gives you perfectly straight hair in minutes for the stylish look of a salon quality blow dry, in the comfort of your own home.

Make straightening your hair as easy as brushing it with this ceramic brush which heats up to the perfect temperature in just 30 seconds. Its 3D ceramic bristles lift the hair at its root to deliver gentle heat around every strand, right through to the tip. Add volume and shape without flattening hair or causing a damaging affect, and thanks to the LED digital temperature display and adjustable temperature control up to 450F, you’re in control of the brush at all times so no need to worry about overheating your locks.


For use on all hair types, this smart hair styler means you’ll be ready to leave the house in less time and you’ll sport salon quality hair every day. Tame unruly curls, keep frizz at bay and avoid bed-head with this all in one styler!



Join us live on Tuesday 26th July at 5pm to find out more about the Simply Straight brush and grab yours for only £39.99, plus take advantage of our exclusive bundles too.


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Best Selling Nicole Empire ¾ Sleeve Drape Dress – Now Available In 4 New Colours!


When it comes to fashion, here at Ideal World we like to deliver cutting edge and unique pieces that will suit all shapes and sizes. Join us on Friday 22nd July at 9pm as we celebrate our one year anniversary with fashion brand Nicole, whose exclusive range has been an audience favorite since its arrival.


To celebrate the occasion we’ve got a special treat for fashion lovers - the Nicole Empire ¾ Sleeve Drape Dress in four exciting new colours to add to your collection! Joining the original colours there’s new additions to the range in teal, khaki, violet and purple. Capture a relaxed and timeless look with the Nicole Empire ¾ Sleeve Drape Dress that won’t ever go out of fashion, and flatters all shapes.


Made with love in the UK, these stunning ¾ length sleeve, scoop neck dresses have a drape style that’s stylish and can be dressed up or down for daytime or evening wear. Making these dresses staples pieces for every wardrobe.


Available only on Friday  22nd July at 9pm for just £19.99, why not grab one in every colour to give a slimmer, smoother look to your figure, without breaking the bank.


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It’s Ideal World’s Best Ever!


Join Ideal World this weekend for our Best Ever - we’re bringing you our Best Ever bundles, Best Ever prices and Best Ever deals!


We’ve lined up a whole host of great offers on top brands including STK Smartphone, Dormeo, Tom Tom, Viking Electric Bikes, Drillbits and Hyundai.


PLUS we’ll be launching our brand new addition to the Fabulift range – the Hydra Boost Anti-Wrinkle Serum – and we’ve got brand new colours of our best-selling Nicole Drape Dress!


With these great launches and Best Ever offers across all of our shows, join us from Thursday 21st July at 8pm to get everything you need for a fun packed summer.


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Brand New Hydra Boost Anti-Wrinkle Serum

 Joins The Fabulift Family, Exclusively At Ideal World!


Ideal World is excited to announce the arrival of the newest product in their exclusive Fabulift range – the Hydra Boost Anti-Wrinkle Serum.


This luxurious serum offers a high-level hydration boost to the skin, while also delivering a lifting and tightening effect. Created to maximise the effects of your Fabulift ™ Fabulous Eyes and Fabulous Face products, Hydra Boost is best used first to ensure your skin is moisturised, hydrated and completely nourished - ready for high intensity results.


The Fabulift brand creates cutting edge anti-ageing solutions that give an instant result as well as offering benefits to the skin. Fabulift Fabulous Eyes acts like an instant eye lift but with longer term benefits, and Fabulous Face helps to ensure a more youthful complexion within as little as three minutes! Using the brand new Hydra Boost Anti-Wrinkle Serum before application ensures you’ll see the best results possible.

We recommend using the Hydra Boost Anti-Wrinkle Serum as part of your daily Fabulift regime but its unique hydration abilities mean that it can also be used morning and night as a standalone serum for additional skin nourishment.


To celebrate the exclusive arrival of Fabulift Hydra Boost Anti-Wrinkle Serum we’ll be joined by resident beauty and cosmetic expert Niki McEwan who has years of experience in the beauty industry and will be telling us why she loves the Fabulift range.


So join us live to see the Hydra Boost Anti-Wrinkle Serum in action on Thursday 21st July at 9pm and take advantage of our special offers.


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Create Countless Dishes or Drinks in Minutes

With The Brabantia Food Processor

Exclusively At Ideal World



If you want to get creative in the kitchen then tune in to Ideal World from Monday 11th July as we launch the exclusive Brabantia Food Processor. Create multiple dishes, sauces and drinks in minutes with this multipurpose kitchen essential which comes with a whole host of accessories to help create food and drinks to tantalise your tastebuds.


A perfect addition to your kitchen, the Brabantia Food Processor is a real space-saver as it allows you to chop, slice, shred, dough and juice – all in one, thanks to the accessories included in our exclusive bundle. It features a 1000W motor that enables it to handle even the toughest of ingredients and its detachable parts enable a deep and full clean with no hassle. With variable speed settings, you’ll have full control over your food preparation and the double safety lock feature means your worktop will remain clean and mess free.


The Brabantia Food Processor also comes with a 3 year warranty to ensure you’ll be creating delicious food and drinks for years.


Find out more and from Monday 11th July to get your hands on our exclusive bundle for only £99.99 with Flexi-payments available too or visit the website.


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Presenter Fayon Cottrell Joins

Peterborough Based Ideal World!


Ideal World is delighted to announce the arrival of Fayon Cottrell as the newest member of its family. From Tuesday 12th July, Fayon joins the team at the Peterborough based studios where she’ll deliver live shows featuring a whole host of products from fashion to home wear.


Fayon comes to Ideal World as an established presenter after working with shopping channels such as QVC, iBuy and eeZee tv where she gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise.  A lady with a passion for people, and not confined to a TV studio, Fayon also has a long history hosting and presenting events across the country – most notably for young people to utilise their abilities in preparation for their exams and life outside of the school walls.

Fayon is thrilled: “The opportunity to join Ideal World felt like fate and it was as if the stars had aligned. I’m so excited for my future at Ideal World!”


At home, Fayon is a step-mother to two girls and is currently planning her upcoming wedding. She also works closely with the charity Interact where she reads to hospital patients to provide relief and distraction when it’s needed most.  As a Yoga Practioner, fitness is also very important to Fayon and she prides herself on keeping fit and cycling wherever possible.


Tony Sheridan, Chief Operating Officer said: “Ideal World is home to some of the UK’s finest shopping TV presenters and we’re thrilled that Fayon’s joining us. She’s a fun character to add to our fantastic team and we know our viewers are going to love her.”


From Tuesday 12th July, Fayon will be delivering live shows across all product categories and she brings bags of enthusiasm that’s sure to be contagious for the Ideal World viewers.


We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Fayon to the Ideal World family – let her know you’re watching by sending your best wishes on Facebook or Twitter!


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Introducing The Vibrapower Active

The Latest Product

in The Vibrapower Range!


Improve your general fitness and tone up with the Vibrapower Active - the latest product in the Vibrapower family, exclusively at Ideal World. This versatile fitness essential offers an entry into vibration training, which works to increase muscular strength and size while in the comfort of your own home. The Vibrapower Active helps to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and fits perfectly into existing fitness regimes while also being great for those at the very beginning of their fitness journey.


Join us from Monday 4th July at 10pm as we showcase everything the Vibrapower Active has to offer. Including 5 pre-set programs, a manual mode and 20 speed settings – all of which are designed to provide you with a choice of either gentle exercise, right through to an intense workout. What’s more is that the Vibrapower Active allows you to target not only your core but also your back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, glutes and legs as well as offering a calming and essential cool down too. The unique oscillation movement duplicates that of a see-saw and means that your muscles are constantly being used, and gives a great overall workout – no matter what your level of fitness. Just 10 minutes of this per day is enough to improve your general fitness and increase your endurance.


When you’ve finished, the Vibrapower Active stores away neatly and conveniently ready for your next work out. Plus it comes with simple to use controls and an anti-slip mat for safe use.


If you’re health conscious, looking to achieve that elusive summer body or you’re just at that stage of life where fitness and wellbeing is become more important – then the Vibrapower Active is for you!


Find out more about getting fit, toning tums and introducing vibration training into your fitness regime and join us from 10pm Monday 4th July to take advantage of our introductory special price of only £99.99 with the choice of 3 x interest free Flexi-payments too.


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More News

Rocks and Co Complaint Upheld by ASA


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a complaint regarding a presentation for a Gold Tanzanian Ruby Ring (Item No 1195NB) seen on Rocks & Co, on 24 February 2016. The price was listed on screen as £922 and was reduced to £499 and later dropped to £349, then £279. On-screen text stated “9K Tanzanian Ruby Gold Ring Total Carat Weight: 1.675 ct. 1 Tanzanian Ruby from Tanzania-1.406 ct”. The presenter stated, “That’s what I find a lot on the high street like this for example” and an image of a ring was shown and described as an “18k Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond cluster ring” priced at £1,750. The presenter stated, “That purple pink ruby, which is probably Madagascan, is, look at the price, £1,750, or today you could own that beautiful ruby red that spectacular clarity for just £349”.


The complainant, who felt that the reference to the high street product implied that it was of a similar quality to the product being promoted, challenged whether the use of it and its price as a point of comparison was misleading.


Rocks & Co. stated that the high street example was used to show the difference in colour quality between the two products, as the high street example had pink and purple tones and the advertised ring was described as an intense rich red colour. Rocks & Co. said that the featured example was not used to make a direct comparison in terms of size, quality or clarity.


Rocks & Co. provided five examples of rubies sold by various high street retailers to show that the high street example used in the presentation was reflective of other rubies that were sold by high street retailers and ranged from £850 to £1999.


Rocks & Co. said that the presenter did not compare the price or the product as a like-for-like comparison, as the example was used to show what a ruby could look like and sell for on the high street. They said the presenter had only noted the differences between the two products which could have an effect on value and price. The advertiser also stated that they believed the quality of their product was superior to and the price was lower than the high street example featured, as their own products were sourced directly from mine to market without using a middleman as other stores do.


The ASA Upheld the complaint as they considered that the advertiser stated they did not make a like-for-like comparison between the two rings as the presenter had only referred to differences in the colour of the stones. We also noted their view that quality of their product was superior and that their prices were lower than the high street product because the sourcing of their products cut out the use of middlemen. However, we considered that the presentation gave the overall impression that the rings were of an equivalent quality and that viewers would interpret the presenter’s statements when referring to the quality and price of the rings as being a direct and objective comparison rather than a statement of opinion.


We noted that the presenter made various references to the price and quality of both rings when stating, “That purple pink ruby, which is probably Madagascan, is, look at the price, £1,750, or today you could own that beautiful ruby red that spectacular clarity for just £349”. We also noted that when the penultimate price reduction was applied, the presenter stated, “We are completely devaluing the size, the gem stone and trashing that price” and that the ring was “… not inferior in any kind of way”. We considered that viewers were likely to understand the presenter’s statements to imply that the advertiser’s ring was of an equivalent if not greater quality than the high street example and that a similar ring would be considerably more expensive in high street stores. We noted that there were differences in gold weight, stone size and additional features between the advertised ring and the high-street example it was compared against and that these were not explicitly mentioned in the presentation. For example, we noted that the high street example was an 18ct gold ring, whereas the advertised product was a 9ct gold ring and this would account in part for the difference in the value of the rings.


Because the presentation implied that the products being sold were of equivalent quality to the high street product, and that a price comparison was being made on that basis, when that was not the case, we concluded that the ad was misleading.


The ASA said that the presentation must not be broadcast again in its current form. The ASA also told Rocks & Co to ensure that when making price comparisons they did not misleadingly imply that products were of equivalent quality if that was not the case, and to ensure that the basis of comparisons were made clear to viewers.