TJC presenter under investigation for making

'highly insensitive' jokes about 9/11 live on ITV


TJC presenter Emma Lee, who also hosts Jackpot 24/7 on ITV,  caused outrage among viewers after giggling at her gags over the terror attack on Flight 93, in which 40 people died on 9/11.


Emma Lee's remarks came as she presented Jackpot 24/7 straight after a screening of film United 93, the story of how 40 people died in an al-Qaeda plane hijacking.


Seconds into the casino-based show on Saturday night, Emma giggled: "Thank you for coming in for an emergency landing."


Visibly finding the gag amusing, she then added: "Brace yourselves, it's going to be good.

"We hope you enjoyed the movie there on ITV. Now it's time for you to sit tight.”


Following dozens of complaints from viewers, Jackpot 24/7 has now issued a public apology and launched an internal investigation.


The statement reads: "Jackpot247 would like to apologise unreservedly for the comment made during our live broadcast on Saturday evening.


"The presenter hadn’t realised the content of the preceding film and apologised on air as soon as she was made aware. She has asked us to repeat her sincere regret.


"Jackpot247 takes incidents of this nature very seriously and has instigated new measures and guidelines to its team to avoid anything similar in the future.”


Emma’s husband, fellow TJC presenter Tim Dixon, later tweeted she was asked to “back reference” an airplane film and was not aware which one.


He wrote in reply to a viewer on Twitter: "My wife has been instructed not to comment whilst internal investigations are underway.


"She was told to 'back ref' an aeroplane movie. She had absolutely no idea what the movie was - and meant no offence. She is absolutely mortified. Warm Regards, Tim."


In the 2001 terror attack, 33 passengers, five flight attendants and two pilots were killed when Flight 93 was hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists.

Blackstone to Acquire Ideal Shopping Direct


Private equity funds managed by Blackstone announce the acquisition of Ideal Shopping Direct (“ISD”), a leading independent multi-channel retailer, from Inflexion.


ISD operates live and pre-recorded channels across all the major UK TV platforms; Sky, Freeview, Virgin Media and Freesat as well as multiple internet sites. Its two principal divisions are Create & Craft and Ideal World.  ISD delivers a dynamic shopping experience selling specialty craft products to dedicated crafting hobbyists as well as home, leisure, health, beauty and fashion products. Create & Craft is the only dedicated channel to sell specialist craft products and operates 15 hours a day.


Headquartered in Peterborough in the UK and with a growing operation in the US, the company has over 800 employees and, through its TV networks, reaches over 26 million homes. The experienced management team will continue to be led by Mike Hancox, Chief Executive since 2008. Gerry Murphy, a Senior Managing Director at Blackstone and former CEO of both Kingfisher and Carlton Communications (ITV), will become Chairman.


The transaction is expected to close later this year and is subject to usual closing conditions and regulatory approvals.


Gerry Murphy, Senior Managing Director at Blackstone, said: "ISD has succeeded by delivering a varied and exciting range of exclusive products and a great shopping experience to its loyal home shoppers through its websites and mobile platforms. We look forward to working with Mike and his team to capitalise on growth opportunities in omni-channel retailing in the UK and the US."


Mike Hancox, Chief Executive Officer, ISD added: “We see our future collaboration with Blackstone as a new development opportunity for ISD, from both a geographical and operational stand point. ISD will benefit from Blackstone’s international experience and expertise and from new investment as we enter this next phase of growth."

QVC UK increases mobile app interaction with customers


QVC UK has launched an update to its iPad app, providing a platform for customers to interact with the TV channel and other customers while watching their favourite shows.


Users can now opt for a "second screen" within the 'Watch' section of the app to send a tweet directly to QVC UK, ask a question and share their views on Facebook, read the latest QGossip and presenter blogs, or learn more about the on-air guest or brand.


Customers who have downloaded the app can already use it to watch all four channels – QVC, QVC Beauty, QVC Style and QVC Extra – as well as to search by term, item number, product description, brand or phrase, and to purchase items.


The new services and solutions for the app were developed in-house, in conjunction with the team at QVC USA.


Brian Farrelly, vice-president for commerce platforms at QVC UK, commented: "Our customers constantly interact with us, whether by phone, email, Twitter or Facebook.


"Developing this update therefore made complete sense as they can now ask questions and send tweets direct to us while on their iPads, whether at home or on the go."



Is Amazon planning a shopping channel for launch next year?


It is rumoured that online retail giant Amazon is also planning to release its own shopping channel with purchases can be done right from the screen.


The channel is slated to come out next year. Amazon is also looking to integrate this with its X-Ray feature, which uses Amazon’s IMDB subsidiary to display information about TV shows or movies like the actors or music, and have it display details about the products on the screen.


Amazon has been looking into the idea for quite some time. Its acquisition of games streaming service Twitch last year could help it develop additional channels to promote and sell products in the form or shopping channels or shows.


The company has hosted a few live shows about new products in the past year or so, such as one for Sony’s action camera last November.

ASA Uphold TJC Complaint


On 21 July 2015 TJC depicted a reverse auction for a Kagem Zambian Emerald, White Topaz Bangle with platinum overlay sterling silver. When the phone lines for the auction opened, on-screen text stated "BUY NOW. £1196.99 P&P £4.95/day ...".


A viewer challenged whether the claim "BUY NOW £1196.99" was misleading and could be substantiated because they believed it exaggerated the value of the bangle.


The Jewellery Channel Ltd said they produced the majority of the items which they sold and that their business model meant they were able to offer consumers competitive prices on the pieces they sold compared to the more traditional jewellers.


The Jewellery Channel said they were able to compare their pieces against other jewellery because of the detailed information provided by retailers about the stone weight, quality and metal used. They had a dedicated team member who checked the prices of similar products sold by other jewellers. By checking that information, it helped them to confirm that they could sell it for a particular price. They believed that procedure ensured that their “start” and “end” prices for their auctions related to market value.


The Jewellery Channel provided details of five gold emerald bangles which they had used as references to determine their start price for the advertised bangle. They acknowledged that all five included diamonds, whereas theirs did not, but said they had adjusted their start price to take that into account. They believed the adjustment in the start price and these reference products made sure that their start price related to the market value of such a piece.


The ASA upheld the complaint saying that the initial “starting price” claim stated "BUY NOW £1196.99" and considered that by referring to £1,196.99, the Jewellery Channel implied that was the market value for the bangle. We therefore considered that viewers were likely to understand that price to be materially related to the usual retail price or a valuation that consumers could expect for the bangle.


To substantiate the claimed value of the bangle, we expected the Jewellery Channel to hold evidence that similar pieces of jewellery were similarly valued. We considered such substantiation could include evidence that the Jewellery Channel had sold the bangle at the “starting price” previously, or evidence showing that similar sterling silver bangles with emerald and white topaz of similar carat weight and quality had been sold at a similar price.


We acknowledged that the Jewellery Channel had selected five bangles with emeralds which they used as reference items on which to base their “start price”. In doing so, we considered the Jewellery Channel needed to ensure those reference bangles were sufficiently similar or equivalent to the advertised one. However, there were significant differences between the Jewellery Channel’s bangle and the five others. All of the other bangles were made with either 9ct or 18ct yellow or white gold and were set with diamonds. We understood that diamonds were a higher value gem stone than white topaz and that the type of precious metal used was also likely to influence the price of the bangles. We therefore considered the differences in precious metal and gemstones were too significant to render those five bangles as similar or equivalent items to the advertised bangle. Because of that, we concluded the Jewellery Channel had not substantiated their starting price and therefore, they had exaggerated the value of the bangle.


The ad breached BCAP Code rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising), 3.9 (Substantiation) and 3.18 (Prices).


The auction must not appear again in its current form. We told the Jewellery Channel Ltd not to use “starting prices” unless they held suitable substantiation to show they reflected the market value of the advertised item.

TJC Freephone Ordering Now Available in Republic of Ireland


TJC is proud to announce that it’s now completely FREE for viewers to call and place an order with us from Ireland.


There will be no charge for the phone call which will be handled by our UK call centre.


Colin Wagstaffe, TJC’s Managing Director explains:

“We don’t believe that shoppers should pay to call us to make their all-important purchase – TJC is about making it easier for our customers, wherever they are.

For a long time we’ve wanted to bring our Irish viewers the same benefits as the UK, and we are so pleased to be able to manage this in time for Christmas.”


The Freephone number to call TJC from the Republic of Ireland is now 1 – 800 – 817 – 444


The UK Freephone number remains 0800-298 -4444


Sky 652, Freesat 809, Freeview 49, Virgin 757 and and don't forget TJC Outlet 2pm - 6pm daily on Sky 660 and Freesat 808.



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